Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well folks this morning Loulou & Hodge have been arrested by the compound police (me) and are spending time thinking about a brutal attack that they took part in around 7:30 AM. A brown field mouse minding his /or her own business was overcome by two corgi snack breath  dogs. upon arrival the compound police officer (me) found two suspects, residents of the compound fighting over which half of the mouse they will keep. Involved in EMS as I am I was able to declare the defenseless mouse dead. burial was on site, and Loulou & Hodge were taken into custody. Sentence was passed already as to be consistent to our constitution of a fair and speedy trial. They have been confined to the fenced in back yard for a period of today unless supervised on leash.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well Dad can not let summer go. This morning he whipped up an artist trading card with a beach scene, it is a little corgi laying on the beach as the waves are crashing in, and he put it in a nice glass frome that Cathy Santarsiero gave him when she visited this summer. Now guess where it is, on EBAY, yes sir he has it up for auction. link to the auction  His ski corgi painting is selling  so we guess he just had to paint something else, but we have a feeling he cannot let go of summer. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, it is getting colder out at night, and soon the days, but yet he is still focused on the beach. well for what it is worth we like it, and the nice glass frome makes it look better. On a lighter note, we (the corgamatics) are having a blast playing frisbee, and hodge with his basketball is still playing soccer like there is no tomorrow! well thats our little update for the blog, we love you!
Lou Lou & Hodge
ACEO card framed

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello world,

Loulou & Hodge say hello, they are having the time of their lives waiting on the snow, I say that jokingly because actually, as any corgi owner knows, 4 inches of snow can create a situation where a corgi could be stranded for days, even if it is 2 feet from the front door. Hopefully you laughed and didnt take me seriously, although i guess it could be true. We have been doing alot of painting fantasy  corgi things and we ( I say we because Lou lou & Hodge are always with me wherever i sit, walk etc.) just got finished painting a cool 4"X12" canvas with a few corgis on a ski trip possibly in the alps? it is just another just for fun painting which we have on ebay, we try to make some money to buy delicious corgi snacks, pay for the canvas, but most importantly we try to get as much as we can to send a donation to corgiaid. we usually send 10-20 percent to them  to help out all the corgis that have been abused, or have no home, or just need maybe a cart to help them get around in their old age. well here is a picture of our new painting, and a link if you would like to look at it on ebay. click here to go t the auction

we also have a store at  right now there is only one painting, but it is pretty unique if you would like to see it click here to go to our etsy store.

Here at the old Corgi compound hope you have a nice fall, and enjoy the colors that fall bring.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dad Has been at it again, and this time we think something strange has been added to his coffee. He was mumbling something about Norman Rockwell, and little spoons, then we saw what he was thinking about out loud, he was looking at a book he has with Norman Rockwell portraits.  He started sketching out the picture of "Little Spooners" the kids sitting on the bench with a puppy under it while the sun is setting. We all knew he was not going to put humans on the bench, and sure enough he draws the funniest looking corgis hugging
Norman Rockwells Little Spooner
.Best of Norman Rockwell

 Now here comes the best part he paints the picture it looks like Norman Rockwells, no background, and he left the dog out. Wham  he starts painting the background black, and it was all weird from there .Black skies, stars, meteor burning into the atmosphere. The sunset became the moon, as bright as light. We are not sure where his mind was going, but he was laughing about it looking like a black light poster. Well when it was all said and done, that is what it is.

A painting....

 A Black light painting

And even a glow in the dark painting
Well as strange as this painting is Dad likes it, Thinks it is a one of a kind. He is trying to sell it on Ebay this week and says if it doesnt sell, it is a sign that it is meant to be kept. We will see.

Heres a link to the auction.   painting auction
Word of advice, dont bid on this because dad really wants to keep it.

Lou Lou & Hodge

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes we live on, we dont post much as nothing is exciting these days except to be alive and pressing through the barriers this wonderful economy has put in place for us. Lou lou & Hodge have been relaxing most of the time while I heal up from my back injury, some people heal quick, and I heal slow I guess. Walks are great with the corgamatics but there is so much more we could do. I ((me) dad) have been painting to pass the time by, and to help generate some extra income, as well as support Corgiaid. I have donated 10% of the proceeds from my paintings to Corgiaid. It may not be much, but if it helps buy food, or render medical care for the corgis well it is all worth it. please look them up at  well this is just a note to say hello and let you know we are alive . Happy Fall to everyone.
Lou, Loulou and Hodge