Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's like taking candy from a baby is the saying. Through out my entire life, it is just thrown out there to express how a task or chore is, just simple to do. Well I was thinking, whoever came up with this had some real underlying issues. If we break down the saying and really think about You have two things, 1. a baby 2. candy. separate these are two things that everybody loves. Candy tastes good, Baby's are cute and fun to be around, but put these two things together and it creates a whole new dimension! The cute baby with some candy in it's possession tends to transform the cute, cuddly, carefree human into a violent, whining ball of terror that will do anything to keep possession of that coveted treat. there are also some other things to take into consideration also, saliva! a baby tends to gum candy to death, salivating all over the candy infecting everything it comes in contact with, with a coating of sticky saliva, it's face, hands clothes, high chair etc. This baby is not going to give this jewel up without a fight! you may be a strong man or woman, determined to get this piece of joy out of his or her hands, but I don't see this happening with out a fight and or a coating of saliva from your head to your toes and to top it all off the kicking, screaming, crying. now in my book, I do not consider this an easy task. additionally a person taking Candy from a baby probably has some serious issues themselves. Why would you want to take candy from a baby? are you broke and the baby is an easy target to sooth your desire for a little bit of sugar? Are you in need of an ego boosting to satisfy your desires to bully someone but just cant bring yourself to do it to someone your own size? or is it just the candy has started its decomposition from that baby saliva and it may be ingested much quicker than a new piece you could find or buy? I am not sure where, how, or why this saying has come about, but in my book (which is another subject in it self) This could be a daunting task which has all the earmarks of not being "simple" so for all you people who like taking candy from a baby, you may want to rethink your reasoning for doing so, and bust open that piggy bank and go buy your own.