Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dad Has been at it again, and this time we think something strange has been added to his coffee. He was mumbling something about Norman Rockwell, and little spoons, then we saw what he was thinking about out loud, he was looking at a book he has with Norman Rockwell portraits.  He started sketching out the picture of "Little Spooners" the kids sitting on the bench with a puppy under it while the sun is setting. We all knew he was not going to put humans on the bench, and sure enough he draws the funniest looking corgis hugging
Norman Rockwells Little Spooner
.Best of Norman Rockwell

 Now here comes the best part he paints the picture it looks like Norman Rockwells, no background, and he left the dog out. Wham  he starts painting the background black, and it was all weird from there .Black skies, stars, meteor burning into the atmosphere. The sunset became the moon, as bright as light. We are not sure where his mind was going, but he was laughing about it looking like a black light poster. Well when it was all said and done, that is what it is.

A painting....

 A Black light painting

And even a glow in the dark painting
Well as strange as this painting is Dad likes it, Thinks it is a one of a kind. He is trying to sell it on Ebay this week and says if it doesnt sell, it is a sign that it is meant to be kept. We will see.

Heres a link to the auction.   painting auction
Word of advice, dont bid on this because dad really wants to keep it.

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