Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dads been painting with his back injury & surgery, check out what he thinks we look like on the beach. Comon we look better than that!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hello everyone, Recently My wife and I had a visit for a week or so with Cathy Santarsiero from Reinwood corgis . How fitting seeing Loulou & Hodge are Reinwood corgis. Also tagging along was her daughter and Stella, (Loulou & Hodges mother) and Aunt Amy. We had fun relaxing and chatting about this and that. The last day they were here Cathy broke out the paints and canvas' and we has a little paint fest. Although I do not have many pics of this Lil event it was fun. I have not painted for years until recently, and it was fun to make a little 3X4 ocean scene, Cathy worked on some of her commissioned work, and the corgis, well they just hung around. It was Hot and humid but having company made it cool! (get it, COOL? forget it) so here is a pic or two from the Corgamatic compound on Cape Cod. Enjoy the summer, your friends, and most importantly enjoy who you are..
"Sea Dog" My lil mini painting

Loulou with the lil mini painting

Hodge wondering if the Lil painting is edible

Here I am with Loulou while we were having our painting party.