Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Corgamatics waiting for the sun.
Hi everyone,
It has been lousy here on cape cod this week, so we have been bumbed out. It seems all we do is lay around waiting for the sun  to come out!. Today dad made some junk art, and he let us hang out in the garage while he welded up this silly looking woman carrying an umbrella. We do not understand why he makes this stuff but it is very amusing watching him fumble around with metal and use the machine that makes bright light to make everything stick. anyways above is a picture of us waiting for the sun. Hope everyone is having a nice spring.

 Hodge & Lou Lou

Dads lady he made

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


That is what we are "Corgamatics" Dad named us  and we don't really care what he calls us, all we care about is that he is here with us with MOM. There is just something about how much we love our mom and dad that is hard to explain from a corgi perspective. no matter how many socks we steal and hide, how many tiny pieces of paper we make into smaller pieces, no matter how much we bark at little birds that taunt us just off the deck or how much we shed and create a blizzard of corgi hair drifts.Mom and Dad hug us and love us with unconditional love.we cant give much but what we can give is a plethora of kisses and a whole lot of close snuggles Why we are corgamatics? we don't know, but we are proud to be Corgamatics and think our mom  and dad are the most awesome corgi parents any corgi can ever have. Dad says he is  getting on putting up pics on the blog so you can see how we have grown up over the past year, he has also made a promise to put a little better effort into the blog, but we dont want him to do too much because he says he has to have back surgery, we have a feeling when that happens jumping all over him is going to be like when mom has surgery "OFF LIMITS" well until later on have a nice spring, we have some running around the house to do before it is bed time cya later friends

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just a few pics.

Our Lou lou

guarding of the basket ball which  provides rivalry in the back yard all most every day.
I have not posted any pics in a while of the corgamatics, so I thought I would put a few up and here they are. One of loulou, and the other of Loulou and Hodge guarding the prized basket Ball they fight over. enjoy : )