Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well Dad can not let summer go. This morning he whipped up an artist trading card with a beach scene, it is a little corgi laying on the beach as the waves are crashing in, and he put it in a nice glass frome that Cathy Santarsiero gave him when she visited this summer. Now guess where it is, on EBAY, yes sir he has it up for auction. link to the auction  His ski corgi painting is selling  so we guess he just had to paint something else, but we have a feeling he cannot let go of summer. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, it is getting colder out at night, and soon the days, but yet he is still focused on the beach. well for what it is worth we like it, and the nice glass frome makes it look better. On a lighter note, we (the corgamatics) are having a blast playing frisbee, and hodge with his basketball is still playing soccer like there is no tomorrow! well thats our little update for the blog, we love you!
Lou Lou & Hodge
ACEO card framed

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