Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here they are, Hodge & Loulou running in the yard playing, Not much talking going on so dont be too board, some really cool moves to elude the chase, sort of like airforce jet tactics, have fun watching them play.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A couple of hours can change your view on things.

By no means are these "JUNK ART" pieces complete, until they are forgotten in the yard to oxidize gracefully (rust for those of you that are normal) until some fine folks walk around and catch them out of the corner of their eye, in the woods looking down, or just in the open in your path. Thought it would be nice to show you one of my favorite things to do, and when I say one, I mean one of several hundred. anyways the other day, I found a fan in the garage, it did not work. I don't know how it had found it's place in the garage among the array of other unidentifiable objects that seem to make it in there! so I said, HMMM. I have an idea. and a few hours later a bed frame rail fan grills and parts of the motor became two Daisey like flowers in full bloom with a bumble bee near the center of the left one. and some leaves which are somewhat transparent. the paint is just to give it a tiny bit of character, but not the final paint.  The Garden bug is a WOK with various parts from the railroad that they discarded on the side of the tracks. Bolts, spikes washers, and an old trampoline spring.  and then there is the frog dog, I think! use your imagination, a shovel with washer for eyes, and springs for legs. it is sitting here, but stands balanced well on all four springs. just cool things made out of things destine for the DUMP! yeah maybe I am going green in my own way. I like it and hope you do too. Oh man, I forgot the little praying mantis on the side of the green stalk! see it hanging there? that was a hook off a big chain, and a radio mount for eyes, and something else i found, I made it years ago for my daughter to hang her jewelry on, but after a while the cool, became not cool, and mantis jumped out into oxidation land! (the yard) welcome to one of my crafts. JUNK ART! why don't you try welding up something on your own, hahaha save the planet, and have some fun! and who know maybe someone will want to buy your JUNK! Ya know what the coolest thing is? it is finding something you made years ago that you thought you sold or gave away, and it was hidden in the woods or yard! it is like finding an old friend!  Oh yeah! and to my header, it is amazing that what we deem junk, throw away items, can be transformed in minutes or hours into something that is retainable, and fun!  so comes the quote " A couple of hours can change your view on things"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Minutes of fun

Well this morning was a nice morning sitting out basking in the rain on our nice farmers porch, no we did not get wet, but i found a piece of gutter guard , I don't know where it came from, who might have put it there, or if the wind blew it in from the gutter from another house?? who knows, so while talking i decided to make it into something, well with a push here, and push there, i sort of fashioned this small piece of meshed wire into the head of a corgi. I have marking paint in the garage, so I found some orange(florescent), white, and black and did a quick spray job on it, not to bad for a few minutes on the porch just messing around. attached is a pic or two. I call it "MESHED UP CORGI" believe it or not good ol "MESHED UP" is up on a shelf in the house, and something about how it is up there makes it look like it is a ghost of a corgi head. so for know, it will stay there, so i can tell people it is our beloved Welshkins looking over us. Just thought I would share a moment of our rainy day here on cape cod. We wish you all the best!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still here

If you have been checking in and nothing seems to be happening, we just want you to know that there is. There is so much happening, that it is restricting time to write on the blog. Have no fear though I am hope full in a few days or so to get some things posted here. Until then, The corgamatics are washed and clean, playing and relaxing on good 'ol Cape Cod. While we work through some health issues, and helping comforting some friends in a sorrowful time. Oh yeah, have to work to! oops forgot about that.
 All our best to you all!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am finding when life seems gray, doom & gloom looms about, nothing seems to be going right, the weight of the world is crushing you into the ground, Heartache is worse than a toothache, there are always, and i mean always  beautiful things around that even for one precious moment make you feel good and forget about everything. This moment with Loulou & Hodge was one. they just walked into the inpatients & hostas and sat and enjoyed the sun and the world around them. learning allot from these kids!  as we grow older and our minds are consumed with all the worlds affairs I think we sometimes forget the simple things we loved when we were young and had a clear head. So if life has you down, and the worlds walls are closing in on you, take a moment and just watch, observe what our corgi's are showing us, sometimes it is bad or sad, but there is some awesome moments that we are probably missing that can help us get through that day, "Beautiful things".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Loulou and Hodge cleaning the toilet, Loulou has had enough, Hodge it's your turn put down the beer and get scrubbing!
OK I am out of my mind, as usual. I thought i could get the corgamatics to help clean the house with me, and what better way than mopping the floors! Heck they helped clean a toilet bowl, i will insert that pic in here somewhere!. so anyways it was not a big hit, I think the heat, the lack of fingers, and the shear size of the mop just threw them for a loop, very scary thing a mop is, I shudder every time  I look at it, and even more when i am using it!, well enjoy the stupidest video i have put on here yet! all my best to everyone who visits!

Monday, August 9, 2010

just a message

Posts come and post go, and so do video clips and pics. right now the blog is taking a break but have no fear we will be back posting zany things, even as early as tonight? we will see. have a great day everyone Lou lou &; Hodge

Saturday, August 7, 2010

time off

we are on a little time off from the blog vacation, lots to do with sickness and the like, but before you know it i will be posting again! just a few days or so, enjoy youreslves will ya!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well Here we are on good 'ol Cape Cod. Where the weather is warm but not too hot due to the ocean that surrounds us. Today a light breeze blows through the yard without notice except for its feel on bare skin. Sun is out delivering just enough warmth to walk the beach, the walkways or the yard in a pair of shorts. The sun , Oh the sun! the rays bring some brighter moments than others . As tourist cruise the main streets with tops down on there fancy automobiles, windows down in every auto that you see, all seem to have one thing in common. they carry passengers and a drive sporting every imaginable pair of sun glasses imaginable from mirrored types to prescription type. Plastic frames to metal frames, and what is a corgi to do when there is so many people wearing sun glasses? put on a pair of their own right? RIGHT! Well here is Hodge and Lou Lou, sporting a pair of safety glasses, yes they are not really sun glasses, but does a corgi really care? the only thing that they care about is what flavor they are when they choose to discard them and take a nibble to see if they rival one of their raw hide bones. So to this date I have not seen any other corgi's with a pair of sunglasses on , nor have i seen any with safety glasses either. So today I deem our pems "The coolest corgi's in town" !