Saturday, January 1, 2011


Bailey, Lou lou & Hodge Watching the ball drop on TV!
Oh my, 5 Corgis in the house all at the same time? yes it is true. Cathy & John Santarsiero arrived yesterday, corgis in tow. It was dark, cold, and they were  fatigued.  We welcomed them in for a few days of relaxation here on Cape Cod, and to help us ring in the new year. YAY! 2011 is here and the corgis got a glimpse of what the ball is all about! intensely watching Dick clark get through the countdown that in years past he would have no trouble doing, but GOD bless the man, he  valiantly  continued  the tradition, and he made it through it.  As you can see some guests have been put into administrative segregation for attitude issues Amy is in lockup for the night, and Stella,  Lou Lou & Hodges mother is resting comfortably in a room which is quiet! We are all having fun having our reunion, and hope the rest of the stay is wonderful for them before they have to head "OFF CAPE" back to the wonders the world has  for them.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! uh wait is that a Christmas ending?