Friday, December 17, 2010


We Loulou and Hodge Want to wish you all a merry Christmas, it is cold outside and as you can see we are warming ourselves by the fire surrounded by snowmen which we are not allowed to tear apart. We Hope you all have wonderful experiences during this special time of year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I promise I will put some holiday pics up of the corgamatics, life is chaotic with rehab for me and my back and my wives situation, but none the less the camera is always ready. stay tuned because on the next good day we will spread some holiday cheer! I promise?

Friday, December 3, 2010


11/25/2009 Was the date that Hodge & Loulou were born into this world. Here it is one year later (my post a little more) and they still bring joy and happiness to our hearts just like the first moment we laid our eyes on them. We has our own little celebration with them, a snack here, a snack there. A walk and even some vanilla ice cream. As you all know a CORGI is the most wonderful dog in the entire world, and we are so grateful to have them be a part of our insane lives. I am sure that Welshkins would approve of them both.  Winter is moving in on us now, and I will have some time to take videos and more pics to post here on the blog. The fall has been a consumer of time with injuries and illnesses all around. It has left the blog a wee bit empty with the happenings of our Lil guy & gal. so check on back soon and we will see what winter brings us, possibly a few corgis who get stuck in the snow? maybe a snow corgi in the yard, awashed at the base with splashes of yellow? haha we will have to see. take care everyone. we hope the holidays bring happiness to your lives.