Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes we live on, we dont post much as nothing is exciting these days except to be alive and pressing through the barriers this wonderful economy has put in place for us. Lou lou & Hodge have been relaxing most of the time while I heal up from my back injury, some people heal quick, and I heal slow I guess. Walks are great with the corgamatics but there is so much more we could do. I ((me) dad) have been painting to pass the time by, and to help generate some extra income, as well as support Corgiaid. I have donated 10% of the proceeds from my paintings to Corgiaid. It may not be much, but if it helps buy food, or render medical care for the corgis well it is all worth it. please look them up at  well this is just a note to say hello and let you know we are alive . Happy Fall to everyone.
Lou, Loulou and Hodge

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