Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Corgi Fun!

Well Here we are going through some trials and tribulations here at the Cape Cod Corgi Ranch! Lou Lou & Hodge's Mom is in the hospital. She has some medical issues that need to be addressed in a hospital setting, and not at home. While She was in there this morning i took it upon myself as the Lunatic Husband I am, to pull out some of my favorite corgi toys and hit the prison yard with Lou Lou & Hodge and play with them . Here are my 3 corgi's  2 cardigans and one Pem, hanging out with their show toys. One of the pics is the corgamatics having some fun mountaineering on some pretty steep cliffs in the back yard, and i am wondering how the tri got into that tube in the middle of that gorge, must have jumped in from the side i guess. The other pic is them at base camp Alpha, with their tent and show toys, just hanging out, After their little trek through the cliffs of the Corgi Ranch! So there you have it, a little insight into the mind of a corgi owner. other breeds owners are having fun watching there kids hang out on their beds or watch them constantly begging for treats. Here i am playing with my corgi's in the yard with my human toys, while they watch and try to play with them. As I write this sitting next to my wife in her bed in the hospital, we hope that everyone is having a great weekend with your corgi's! and if you don't own a corgi or two or three, we ask you why not?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a note!

Just an update on whats going on around corgamatic land. Here it is ~ NOTHING MUCH!  I  guess we are stuck in humidity survival mode around here! When the corgamatics head outside it is a few minutes and they want to get back in the A/C. So there is allot of rumblings throughout the house, sort of like kids locked up inside because it is raining out. Granted our guys are still young moving on 8 months now, so they are in full play mode practically 24/7 burning up the hardwood floors in the house, breaking the sound barrier chasing each other around. sometimes i have to send one of them to jail (kennel) for speeding  after getting several warnings. but it seems like  I bail them out shortly after. no parents want to see their kids in jail! ha ha. Well we are waiting for some storms to pass through here soon, about an hour of thunderstorms look like they are approaching. looks like a quick walk around the corgi compound is in order. everyone have a great day wherever you are!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The great escape

Well While playing today I decided to jump over the fence into the area where the dogs play in the back yard. I made believe that i was trapt in the "prison" as we call the play area, or i do. so i egged them on from the otherside asking them how to get out, they had a few good ideas, digging, hodge even came up with cutting the fence with his teeth (wire cutters) after the video ends, Loulou came up with the best idea and that was to jump and try to make it over the fence, a little bit is caught on the end of the video. but i think at the end when loulou jups on hodge, it was because she was trying to tell him, leave him fool he is locked up ! hahaha enjoy another zany clip from our adventures.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here is how i have to water flowers when Loulou is in the back yard. loulou being the sprinkler queen, loving eating sprinkler heads when they are on to chasing water when it is coming out of the house. so as you can see in this video the only possible way to water is to move the sprinkler, or the hose to another flower, and let Loulou run after it, and when she arrives move it back to the other flower. it is a daunting task, but i wouldn't change it for the world. so here is a video to show you what i am talking about. more for a laugh than anything else, and yes I could put her in the house when i water, but what fun is that. when you love your dogs so much you want them to be with you as much as possible

Thank God for the carpet cleaner

Yup your reading it right, our perfect little corgamatics have soiled the carpet! no poop, no pee! just SOIL! the last couple of days were rainy and the under bottoms of these mud draggier : ) have deposited some heavy duty soil in the bedroom carpet. ya know ya just don't notice it until it dries and then your like what the hell is this? and all corgamatic eyes in the house naturally look slowly to the upper left as their snouts lower to the ground like they were in sync for a Broadway musical, which gets me wondering.... they did something that had nothing to do with me cleaning a carpet.  so i walk around the house looking, hhmmmm, nothing there, nothing there, oh look at that!!!! a wicker storage bin used to store my grandsons toys has suddenly started to decompose on it's own! flakes of wicker her and there. oh the eyes have told a story without a peep being heard from the mouth of my now imperfect Lil friends. well do you think they get a broom and dustpan and come and pick it up???? NOOOOO, they tunnel under the couch with their Lil legs still sticking out in hopes I don't find them, haha poor corgi's they have so much cuteness that works against them. after extracting them and receiving what i call mercy kisses, we had a little instruction about gnawing on things that are not rawhide, oh and back to the carpet cleaning, i will soon be done with that, and will put a tiny bit of blame on my dirty shoes, just to take the edge off of the corgamatics. I have no pics to show because i cannot bring shame to the breed : ) but good pics will come when i FINALLY get a chance to get these guys to the beach for a walk or swim, hodge has yet to see the ocean.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hodge and Loulou make new friends

What a great morning, before the humidity gripped the cape my friend from the fire department called me, he has been wanting the corgamatics to meet his dogs since we  received them. Well I ventured out down the street with loulou and Hodge to the golf course, which has a bike trail running through it, and met up with him. I don't usually go anywhere but my yard because we have acres and acres of land to explore but thought it would be a great experience for the corgamatics! well when we arrived my friend Patrick and his 3 dogs( beagle, grey hound, and German Shepard) were just rounding the end of their walk, so we met up. Loulou and hodge took to his dogs perfectly, and I did not realize how busy this place was that is only 1/3 mile from  my house. people walking, people running, and people doing the dog walk thing. so some more people finished the walk, and more dogs arrived, one a big black peek a poo or something like that, and another girl showed up with her golden lab, there was allot of butt sniffing going on and gestures to play it was a happy little event! as the humidity rose, it was time to get everyone back in the truck and get some A/C going to cool them down. all in all it was great and a reassuring factor that Loulou and Hodge have a great temperament and love other dogs

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hodge and his cat toy

Give us shade!

The Hot days of summer means the corgamatics dont want to walk, they just want to sit under the rose of sharons and try and eat the fallen flowers. ya know what I do not blame them it is hotter than africa out here!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun little race

This was an unexpected race to see who would get to me first, both corgamatics were sleeping under the kitchen table, i went into the bedroom and gave a whistle, and seen who would come first, the best part is they both did come and they are very obedient. the first place prize was a chew bone, it was all i had near by. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The dog daze of summer~ Well here it is July, and the temperature is rising, the humidity is as thick as a fog bank! Who Came up with this saying "The dog days of summer"  All I can see dogs doing is laying around panting, looking for a drink! Oh wait, I think i am getting it!  laying around, Like at the beach! Panting, people do this at the beach, Hot guys and girls walking around, yup Lot's of tongue's hanging! and the people on the beach all wish they had a drink! Hmmmm. i think I am getting it now. OK so what do call the days of summer for those of us who don't go to the beach? and why would this person be so stingy to narrow there statement to beach goers? someone help me out here! for me it is just HOT!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome tou our home Hodge

Well after the long awaited arrival of Loulou's Brother Hodgins, he has arrived. Thanking Cathy and John for making a trip to meet us half way at the mohegan sun casino, and for making hodge a possibility for us to have another corgi in the house. and Winter Hodges former MOM. It is like Loulou and Hodgins have never been away from each other. They are doing great, running around the house after each other, playing outside together, all the things good pal's would do. So Hodge is 7 months old just like loulou but a bit bigger, he sort of resembles welshkins when he was 15. Hodge is a fluffy, so even though under that fluffy coat he is a little bigger than his sister he appears to be alot bigger. all in all he is a fun, sweet big boy who like any puppy just wants to play, play, and then relax a little and play some more. so stay tuned the will be allot of pics and videos with the hodge in them. The dogs are officially "CORGAMATICS"Unlike L Ron Hubbard with Dianetics, Corgamatics is not a cult, or a religion it is my name for corgis that you automatically fall in love with! Maybe you have a corgamatic in your household, or maybe you just know one, or several, or hundreds? So Welcome Hodge, we look forward to many years of fun, and a whole lot of love! Having him around will be awesome for all of us especially his sister Loulou.