Thursday, February 17, 2011


What a title! History, when you think of history we all think of the Romans, Jesus, the Revolutionary war, assassinations, and government screw ups. History has a way of reminding us of the past, but also allows us to close the book and forget about it when ever we want.  So here in Corgi land on Cape cod. I am posting this picture of Loulou & Hodge having a blast running around the yard in the snow. Why? Because the way I look at it, winter is almost HISTORY! with all the foul weather we have had, snow, rain, sleet, snow, and more snow we are all looking forward to spring and the white stuff to be "History". With every second that passes history is made and to be encouraging to all, this winter is almost gone leaving it a chapter in our lives to reflect upon, but also giving us the opportunity to close the book and enjoy the day and forget about it. With great anticipation we are looking forward to the bulbs bursting, the trees flowering and the grass greening, How about you? I am sure you are also.
All our best.