Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well yesterday my neighbor asked if i could help him carry an old furnace up out of a basement because hes is replacing it. once we got it into the van I said hey we have to strip it, i have some ideas for some "JUNK ART".
well this morning i went to town and took parts from the furnace we UN installed, and started in on making my newest junk art project. after an hour of welding i finally received what i was looking for "awesome,: the old furnace was transformed into a high tech air plane, although not done i have it out in the yard showing  it to the world and thought i would share it with you, have a  great day and always remember to "FLY THE Friendly skies! Lou Sarkas


Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

The jet is freaking awesome! I love the windows especially. And I love how your mind works, how you can 'see' these things in the scrap metal. Imagine what the people in the plane are thinking as they look out of the windows and see the giant bug. Yikes!

Corgin it! said...

now that the jet has engines(not pictured) the "people" (probably ants) are going to be going places, at least around the yard. once i get the base welded on, the jet will be ready to take off to another property (for sale)